UY Strength Training Program

Lizzie Ens

What you get as a member: 

  • Access to UnDiet Yourself training app where you will get access to your workouts and track your progress. 
  • 3 -4 weekly workouts specifically designed for the gym OR home (whatever works for you) 
  • Video Demonstrations for each move so you can feel confident in your form. 
  • Workouts are efficient & effective. Less time in the gym with better results. 
  • Each Month, new weekly workouts are released, so you can be sure you will never get bored or plateau. 


Do you provide personalized meal plans. No. I have done this in the past and have found it is a complete waste of money for people and no one wants to waste money. No one wants to follow a boring and robotic meal plan. Instead, it is better to learn how to balance your foods and nourish your body with the foods you already love. Travel, social events, birthday parties etc. will always happen so learning how to have fun with these events while still getting results is much healthier for our mind and body. 

Do I need a gym membership?  No. You have the option to do gym workouts or home workouts. Some basic equipment you will need if working out at home, dumbbells and mini bands. That's it! Overtime as you get stronger you will want to make sure you have heavier weights but that can come later.

*Once you have subscribed to the program you will get an email with further instructions to download the app and get subscribed to your workout program.

$19 a month

UY Strength Training Program